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You can read the following frequently asked questions. 

Fencing service costs in Melbourne vary but here are the estimates: $65-$135 per metre for treated pine timber paling, colorbond $85-$180 per metre, front of house timber picket fencing $160-$250 per metre

Timber and Aluminium fences are both very popular in Melbourne. This totally depends on the use case. Both have their own pros and cons. Use the aluminium one if you want lightweight and highly versatile fence that is suitable for any weather condition.

We personally recommend Timber fencing as it looks classy and is very durable.

There are many fencing options to choose from in Melbourne. But when it comes to the most cost-effective, it is definitely Treated Pine Paling.

While timber fence and aluminium fences are strong options to choose from but if you are looking for the strongest one, then wrought iron fence is the strongest.

EasyFixed provides fencing services in metro Melbourne, and we cover a radius of 70kms from the CBD. This totally depends on the job.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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